CCA - Certificate in Computer Application

Computers and its related applications have been widely in use in the present digital age and there is a rising demand for efficient and learned computer professionals, across all areas. However, in India, students and their families are seen worried about their bright future and a sophisticated career, especially in Computer Science. CCA or The Certificate in Computer Applications is a great way to get oneself equipped with outstanding computing skills which are fully certified, the government approved and is a typical course designed to make youngsters a job-ready person. At our Acme Collins School computer center, which is a registered entity providing online computer courses to youngsters from across India, we offer online training of CCA course.

Course Duration:

The CCA course is scheduled to finish in just 2 months, during which online training is given and every effort is made simplify the topics’ explanation where the medium of teaching in Hindi too. Within 2 months, training is provided in the form of an online computer course, the practical exam is conducted and an actual test is also given to judge the level of computer understanding. 

DCA-Diploma in Computer Application

Computer application courses are now led to increasing in this new technology world. DCA is the study of basic understanding of computer application. This course has a variety of jobs, here students are prepared for such type of jobs i.e., data entry and more advanced positions such as a web designer and graphic designer. 

Such programs which students have to focus on more are key programming languages, system analysis, financial management, database management and some more advanced topics such as using  Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Graphic design software such as Adobe In- design, Corel draw and Adobe photoshop. 

Generally, this field specialised in some basic programs are:
  1. Computer language and programming
  2. Internet using
  3. Desktop publishing
  4. Web page design 
  5. Graphic design and animation
  6. E-business

Course Duration:

The DCA course is scheduled to finish in just 3 months.

PGDCA-Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application

PGDCA is one-year long programme that students can take after a bachelor degree. This course is designed for those students who are interested in computer application. This provides more specialisation in computer science with technology.  Know about Difference between dca and pgdca course, dca vs pgdca program, which is better dca or pgdca, which is better for me dca or pgdca, degree courses vs diploma courses, dca, pgdca, dca vs pgdca course details, dca & pgdca difference.

This programme is made for students who want to learn more about different fields like accounting, banking. This also trains students for IT professional ( Information Technology) for the future. 

Some specialised basic programme in this field are: 
  1. MS office applications
  2. Programming languages like C++,JAVA
  3. Tally
  4. System analysis and Data processing
  5. Software hacking and IT security
  6. Software engineering

    Course Duration:

    The PGDCA course is scheduled to finish in just 1 Year.